Welcome to the Brand New Serendipity HOA website, designed and built "Just for You!"


Greetings Fellow Serendipity HOA members.,

As I was talking to several other members Tuesday Evening (03-15-2016) one of the members came up to me suggesting that this site should be call Serendipity HOA and I had to agree.  He mentioned that since I already told everyone to click on Serendipity-Living I decided to put the HOA LINK within Serendipity-Living.

I will be building this site starting now and working on it from now and over the summer.  I will provide a link to my email so you can send me suggestions, recommendations or even complaints as i build the website.

In the meantime please keep checking back daily to watch the progress. 


The "Safe" section is for authorized members only!  You must email a request for a unique login and password to enter this restricted area! 

The safe contains information such as financial reports, minutes of meetings, agenda's, By-Law's current and proposed, legal issues, community issues, past and present, litigation past, present and future, proposed resolution's and litigation. 


Click the safe to login 



Oh yea, By the way, the other so-called website was www.serendipity55plusmhp.com and please note the wording, "Serendipity's

 Website" not Serendipity HOA!   Now you can see your new proposed site at www.oicu.com/serendipity-living/serendipity-living/